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Knowing your Social Media follower will help you gain more followers.


These following things will help you understand your Social Media followers better.

What your followers want:


1.   Communities

– People like to relate and feel that they belong somewhere. That’s why it is important for your social media platform to feel like a community where you followers belong to.


2.   Privacy

– It is important to show that you care about your follower’s privacy. Know what is important to share and what not. Respect the followers, provide a way for them to engage with others and with your brand.


3.   A Place to Share Their Stories

– Social media is mainly there to connect, remember that, share stories. Share behind the scenes in your business, it is a way for your followers to feel part of your story. Start conversations by asking questions and getting the followers to interact.


4.   Smaller Networks

– By knowing your followers, you can focus on smaller networks for a specific target market. Followers like smaller and intimate networks where they can connect to others in the network.



Remember, your followers just want to feel that they belong in a community, that they are respected and that their opinion matter.


Have fun!

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