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Typography design is much more than arranging pretty fonts on a nice background, typography is an essential part of most designs. It can make or break a whole project or brand. We did some research and come up with a few tips to make your typography a winner.


If you want your design to attract attention, people are going to have to be able to read it clearly. But sometimes it’s easy to get so caught up in the design process that you make choices that achieve a certain look but aren’t very practical. An Example could be that you decide to use thin, white text on a black background which might look sleek but can be hard to read. There are many forms of legibility issues that range from fonts that could be too small to fronts and background colours that might clash.

You should also consider the body copy when you are designing.  The body copy refers to long passages of text. The body copy also needs special consideration in terms of readability. Rather than attract attention, this kind of text just needs to be clear and easy to read. Part of that will be arranging the text in a way that makes it easy for the eye to navigate, considering things like font size, tracking, leading, etc. Traditionally, serif fonts are used for body copy, because it’s thought that the serifs help the eye move along more quickly. But simple, sans-serif typefaces can work just as well and are common for web-based reading.


Some designs call for a decorative mix of typefaces, but most won’t. The majority of design projects benefit from a limited number of fonts — two or three is a good rule of thumb. Too many types and styles of fonts can make your design look amateurish and thrown together, rather than professional and well thought out. Sticking to a more conservative approach to typography keeps your design looking clean and organized instead of cluttered and chaotic.


Please, for font’s sake, can you limit your typefaces!

When you are in the process of selecting a typeface or font for any of your design work, you could never go wrong with fonts that are easy to read (legible). If too many typefaces are used, it becomes too cluttered for the eye, and thus, the reader will be put off to read further. So, please do stick to a simple collection of fonts for your headings, subtitles and body text.

Look at the following type faces and decided which fonts you think would be more appealing. Give us your answer on Facebook and stand a chance to win a mystery prize.

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