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Why we love minimalism in design and you should too!

Minimalist design continues to take over website, app, print and any designs, because it just works.

Minimalistic design is blue pixel Studio’s go to route here’s why; This kind of design can be identified by its simplicity in nature. It definitely has a timelessness to it that keeps this design style around and will keep it around for a long time to come. All the elements in a minimalist design are necessary and important. This aesthetic is ruled by the details and design factors. We at blue pixel studio did some research and come up with these design tips.


  1. It focusses on purpose.
  2. It’s timeless.
  3. It’s is easy to understand.
  4. It stands out against other designs as it is not cluttered.
  5. Users don’t have to think about it.
  6. It really has a timelessness to it.
  7. It draws a connection between classic and modern design.
  8. It is eye-catching.


  1. Plan with a purpose in mind.
  2. Think basic.
  3. Play with contrast.
  4. Play with Space.
  5. Organize and use a grid.
  6. Colours, try to stick to a single hue in a light/dark framework.
  7. Use sans serif Typography that has clean lines and simple strokes.
  8. Have a dominant visual, pick one image, a block of text or element and focus on that.

Minimalist designs are great for a variety of topics like web design, app and print design because the simplicity makes it easy to understand.

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