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10 ways to boost your creativity

We at Blue Pixel Studio wants you to know that being creative can make you happier and healthier! So here are a top 10 ways to be more creative.

1.      Listen to music

Music stimulates the part of your brain that controls your emotions, monitors your actions and your creativity. Music can boost all of these functions.

2.      Think about something far away.

This is a great way to let your imagination go wild and help with problem-solving. Try thinking of something completely out of your work and social life.

3.      Daydream.

When our minds wonder off into a daydream, we tend to be better at problem-solving. So, go ahead and zone out for a minute or so. Don’t worry people seldom notice when you are in dreamland just remember to nod and agree.

4.      Look at something blue or green.

These two colours are very natural colours, and we associate them with sky, growth and openness. These colours enhance our cognitive tasks performance.

5.      Gesture with two hands.

This might sound strange but using both hands might help your brain to think of multiple perspectives. Another reason might be because using your left hand stimulates creative thoughts.

6.      Laugh a little.

Laughing is a positive thing and being positive boosts creativity. So be the random one and in the office and laugh at your coffee machine when everybody’s looking.

7.      Spend time outside.

Being outside in nature, taps into all five senses and that boosts your creativity because it energizes the body. Plus getting some fresh air is never a bad idea.

8.      Exercise.

Exercising creates endorphins, which makes you feel good and lowers anxiety and stress which helps the flow of creativity and personal production.

9.      Play at work.

It is a great thing if you can let loose at work a little bit. It helps to think more freely and thus boosts creativity and productivity.

10.      Get some sleep.

Take a power nap. It stimulates the creative part of your brain which is the right side of the brain.



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